Module 1: An Introduction to Adobe XD CC

Introducing Adobe XD CC

A typical UX design workflow

Starting Adobe XD and opening a file

Exploring the workspace (macOS)

Exploring the workspace (Windows)

Working in Design mode

Prototype mode

Changing the view of artwork

Previewing your designs

Sharing your designs

Finding resources for using Adobe XD


Module 2: Setting Up a Project

Starting the lesson

Creating and saving a new document

Creating and editing artboards

Adding grids to artboards

Managing artboards with the Layers panel


Module 3: Creating and Importing Graphics

Starting the lesson

Graphics and Adobe XD

Creating and editing shapes

Bringing in content from Adobe Illustrator

Drawing with the Pen tool

Working with UI Kits


Module 4: Adding Images and Text

Starting the lesson

Assets and Adobe XD

Bringing in content from Photoshop

Masking content

Working with text


Module 5: Organizing Content

Starting the lesson

Arranging objects

Working with the Layers panel

Working with groups

Aligning content

Positioning objects

Fixed positioning


Module 6: Working with Assets and CC Libraries

Starting the lesson

Managing assets with the Assets panel

Working with Creative Cloud Libraries


Module 7: Using Effects, Repeat Grids, and Responsive Resize

Starting the lesson

Applying and editing gradients

Understanding effects

Using repeat grids

Responsive resize


Module 8: Creating A Prototype

Starting the lesson

Starting with prototypes

Taking prototypes further


Module 9: Previewing a Prototype

Starting the lesson

nRecording a prototype

Previewing on a device


Module 10: Sharing Documents, Prototypes, and Design Specs

Starting the lesson

Methods of sharing


Module 11: Exporting and Integration

Starting the lesson

Exporting assets Using plugins


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