Section I: Welcome to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12



Installing And Uninstalling Applications Changing the language of the user interface and Help

Registering Corel products Updating Corel products Corel Support Services

Documentation conventions

Getting help

Using Corel TUTOR

VBA Programming Guide Otherresources

About Corel Corporation



Section II: CorelDRAW


Workspace tour

CorelDRAW terminology and concepts

CorelDRAW application window CorelDRA Wworkspacetools


Getting started in CorelDRAW

Starting and opening drawings Finding and inserting drawing content ExploringthebasicfeaturesofCorelDRAW

CorelDRAW Working With Templates Undoing,redoing,and repeating actions

Accessing Drawing Information

Zooming And Panning

Previewing a drawing Backing Up And Recovering Files

Saving drawings and quitting CorelDRAW


Working With Lines,outlines,and brushstrokes

Drawing lines

Formatting lines and outlines

Closing multiple line segments

Applying Brushstrokes

Spraying Objects Along Line

Drawing flow and dimension lines


Drawing shapes

Drawing rectangles and squares

Drawing ellipses, circles, arcs, and wedges

Drawing polygons and stars

Drawing spirals

Drawing grids

Drawing Predefined Shapes

Drawing using shape recognition


Working With Objects

Selecting objects

Copying, duplicating, and deleting objects Copying Object Properties ,transformations,and effects

Positioning objects

Aligning and distributing objects

Snapping Objects

Using Dynamic Guides

Changing The Order Of Objects

Sizing and scaling objects

Rotating And Mirroring Objects

Grouping objects

Combining objects


Shaping objects

Working With Curved Objects

Skewing And Stretching Objects

Smudging Objects

Roughening Objects

Applying Distortion Effect Shaping Objects Using Envelopes Splitting and erasing portions of objects

Trimming objects

Welding and interacting objects

Blending objects

Creating Power Clip objects


Working With Symbols

Creating,editing,and deleting symbols Using symbols in drawings Managing collections and libraries Sharing symbols between drawings


Filling Objects

Applying Uniform Fills

Applying Fountain Hills

Applying Pattern Fills Applying Texture Fills Applying Mesh Fills

Working With Frills


Working with color

Choosing Colors

Creating Custom Color Palettes


Managing Color for display,input,and output

Understanding the Color management dialog box Working with color profiles Choosing advanced color management settings

Correcting Colors For Display


Adding three-dimensional effects to objects

Contouring objects

Applying Perspective To Objects

Creating Vector Extrusions

Creating drop shadows


Changing the transparency of objects

Applying transparencies

Applying Merge Modes


Using Lenses With Objects

Applying lenses

Editing lenses


Working with pages and layout tools

Specifying the page layout

Choosing a page background

Adding, renaming, and deleting pages

Using the rulers

Calibrating the rulers

Setting up the grid

Setting up guidelines

Setting the drawing scale


Working with layers

Creating layers

Changing layer properties and stacking order

Moving and copying objects between layers

Printing layers


Adding and formatting text

Adding And Selecting Text

Encoding Text

Changing The Appearance Of Text

Finding, editing, and converting text Aligning and spacing text

Shifting and rotating text

Moving text

Fitting Text To A Path

Formatting Paragraph Text Combining and linking paragraph text frames Wrapping paragraph text around objects and text

Embedding graphics and adding special characters


Managing fonts





Working With Bitmaps

Converting Vector Graphics To Bitmap

Adding Bitmaps Cropping And Editing Bitmaps

Applyingspecialeffectstobitmaps Applyingcolorandtoneeffects Removingdustandscratchmarksfrombitmaps


Changing Color Modes In Bitmaps

Changing the Colormode Of Bitmaps Changingbitmapstoblack-and-whiteimages


CreatingWeb-enabled objects


Optimizing bitmap for the WorldWide Web


CreatingWeb-compatibletext Workingwithbookmarksandhyperlinks


Publishing to the Web

PreparingfilesandobjectsforWebpublishing PublishingtoHTML


Managing Projects

Setting Up The Project Database

Assigning and copying object data

Viewing an object data summary



Laying out print jobs

Previewing print jobs

Commercial printing

Preparing a print job for a service bureau

Working with imposition layouts

Printing printer’s marks

Printing color separations

Specifying In-RIP trapping settings

Printing to film


Saving documents as PDF files

Reducing PDF file size

Preparing PDF files for a service bureau

Optimizing PDF files


Importing and exporting files

Importing files

Exporting files


Working with graphic,text, and color styles

Creating, applying, and editing graphic or text styles

Creating and applying color styles


From Adobe Illustrator to CorelDRAW

Comparing terminology

Comparing tools


Section III: Corel R.A.V.E.

Workspace tour

CorelR.A.V.E. terminology and concepts

CorelR.A.V.E. application window

CorelR.A.V.E. toolbox


Getting started in Corel R.A.V.E

How CorelR.A.V.E. works

Setting The Properties Of Movies


Animating objects

Understanding animation methods and terms. Increasing the lifespan of objects

Tweening objects


Editing and previewing animation

Workingwithtimelines Workingwithtweens



Animating text




Section IV: Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Corel PHOTO-PAINT workspace tour


Exploring The Application Window

Toolbars Toolbox

Property bar Dockers

Status bar


Viewing images and obtaining image information

Viewing images


Obtaining image information


Working with color

Choosing colors

Creating custom color palettes


Changing color modes

Changing the color mode of images

Changing Images to the paletted Color mode


Bringing images into Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Opening images

Importing files

Loading photos from a digital camera

Working with vector graphics


Cropping and changing orientation

Cropping images

Stitching Images Together

Changing image orientation


Adjusting Color And Tone

Adjusting image color and tone

Working with color channel


Changing image dimensions, resolution, and paper size

Changing image dimensions

Changing Image Resolution

Changing the paper size



Improving scanned images

Removing Red-eye Removing Dust And Scratch Marks

Cloning image areas

Sharpening images

Erasing image areas

Smearing, smudging, and blending colors


Working with lenses

Creating lenses

Editing lenses

Combining lenses with the image background



Distinguishing protected desirable areas

Defining editable areas

Defining editable are as using color information

Inverting and removing masks

Cutting out image areas


Applying special effects

Working with special effects.

Applying preset styles

Applying color can’t one effects




Drawing shapes and lines

Applying brush strokes

Spraying images

Repeating brush strokes

Using a pressure-sensitive pen



Applying uniform fills

Applying fountain fills

Applying Bitmap Fills

Applying Texture Fills

Applying Gradient Fills


Working with objects

Creating objects

Grouping and combining objects


Modifying objects

Transforming objects

Changing the edges objects

Adding drop shadows to objects



Exporting and optimizing images for the Web Creatingandeditingrollovers


Saving and closing

Saving images

Exporting images to other file formats

Closing images


Managing color for display,input, and output

Working with color profiles

Choosing advanced color management settings

Correcting colors for display



Printing your work

Laying out print jobs

Previewing print jobs

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