Module 1: Log on to Tableau 

Module 2: Connecting to Two Data Sources 

Module 3: Exploring the Tableau Interface

Module 4: Developing a Simple Visualization 

Module 5: Saving Tableau Workbook and Tableau Packaged Workbook 

Module 6: Using Basic Analysis Functions 

Module 7: Adding, Removing, and Renaming a Dimension

Module 8: Copying or Deleting a Worksheet 

Module 9: Changing the Display from One Chart Type to Another 

Module10: Using the Show Me Tool for Selecting a Visualization

Module 11: Crosstab Display and Swapping

Module 12: Sorting 

Module 13: More About Sorting 

Module 14: View Details/Underlying Data

Module 15: Grouping

Module 16: Building a Hierarchy

Module 17: Aggregate Measures

Module 18: Exclude and Keep

Module 19: Filtering on the Filter Shelf

Module 20: Quick Filters

Module 21: Customization for Quick Filters

Module 22: Quick Filters Single and Multiple Value Lists 
Module 23: Quick Filter Sliders

Module 24: Dependency in Quick Filters 

Module 25: Saving in PDF Format 

Module 26: Exporting an Image to PowerPoint 

Module 27: Exporting Data 

Module 28: Displaying Underlying Data

Module 29: Exporting Crosstab Data

Module 30: Formatting

Module 31: Highlighting with Colors

Module 32: Axis Formatting

Module 33: Formatting Tables

Module 34: Top N Function

Module 35: Trend Lines 

Module 36: Forecasting

Module 37: Creating a Dashboard

Module 38: Dashboard Quick Filters

Module 39: Cascading Worksheet Changes in a Dashboard

Module 40: Working with Dashboard Content

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