Module 1: Games and Game Engines

Game Engines—What Are They?

  • The First Way to Build a House
  • The Second Way to Build a House
  • About the First Approach
  • About the Second Approach
  • In conclusion

Game Engines Historically

Game Engines Today

The Unity Game Engine



Module 2: Introduction to Unity

Install Unity

Configure Unity

  • On Disk 15
  • In the Cloud

The Script Editor: Visual Studio

Navigating the Unity Interface

Understanding the Different Window Views

Configure and Customize the Layout

The Transform Toolset

Handle Position Controls

Play, Pause, and Step Controls

Unity Project Structure

Unity Documentation


Module 3: Foundations

Game Objects: Our Container Entities Entity-Component Design

Components: Building Blocks Sprites


  • The Animator State Machine


The Rigidbody Component

  • Tags and Layers
  • Tags
  • Layers

Sorting Layers

Introducing: Prefabs

Scripts: Logic for Components

State and Animations

More State Machines

Animation Parameters


Module 4: World Building

Tilemaps and Tile Palettes

Creating Tile Palettes

Painting with Tile Palettes

  • The Tile Palette

Working with Multiple Tilemaps

Graphics Settings

The Camera

Using Cinemachine

  • Installing Cinemachine in Unity 2017
  • Installing Cinemachine in Unity 2018
  • After Installing Cinemachine

Virtual Cameras

  • Cinemachine Confiner



Colliders and Tilemaps

  • Tilemap Collider 2D
  • Composite Colliders
  • Editing Physics Shapes




Module 5: Assembling the Nuts and Bolts

Character Class

Player Class

Focus on Prefabs

Create a Coin Prefab

Set Up the Circle Collider 2D

Set Up a Custom Tag

Layer-Based Collision Detection

Triggers and Scripting

Scriptable Objects

Creating a Scriptable Object

Build the Consumable Script

Assembling Our Item

Player Collisions

Creating a Heart Power-Up



Module 6: Health and Inventory

Creating a Health Bar

Canvas Objects

UI Elements

Building the Health Bar


Adjusting the Anchor Points

UI Image Masks

Importing Custom Fonts

Adding Hit-Points Text

Scripting the Health Bar

Scriptable Object: HitPoints

Update the Character Script

Update the Player Script

Create the HealthBar Script

Configure the Health Bar Component


Import the Inventory Slot Image

Configure the Inventory Slot

Create the Inventory Script



Module 7: Characters, Coroutines, and Spawn Points

Create a Game Manager


Creating the Build a GameManager Prefab

Spawn Points

Build a Spawn Point Prefab

Configure the Player Spawn Point

Spawn the Player

In Summary

A Spawn Point for Enemies

Camera Manager

Using the Camera Manager

Character Class Design

The Virtual Keyword

The Enemy Class


The Internal Access Modifier

Coroutines Invoking Coroutines


Coroutines with Time Intervals

The Abstract Keyword

Implementing the Enemy Class

The DamageCharacter() method ResetCharacter()

Calling ResetCharacter() in OnEnable()


Updating the Player Class

Refactoring Prefab Instantiation


Using What We’ve Built



Configure the Enemy Script



Module 8: Artificial Intelligence and Slingshots

The Wander Algorithm

Getting Started

Create the Wander Script

Wander Variables

Build Out Start()

The Wander Coroutine

Choosing a New Endpoint

Angles to Radians to Vectors!

Enemy Walk Animation

The Move() Coroutine

Configure Wander Script





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